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Tangible Products


While all of these products are tangible, they all have some real spiritual benefits.  

Dream catchers are all unique and handmade.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the contact form or visit me on any of my social media platforms.

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Dream Pillows
14x20 Travel Pillow $15.00 + S/H
20x26 Dream Pillow $25.00 + S/H


Choose from the following available Recipes:


Peaceful Sleep Pillow: To ease trouble with sleeping

Recalling to Remembrance Pillow: For helping to remember dreams, or recalling past lives in dreams.
NO to Nightmares Pillow: Good for children with nightmares
Lucid Dreams Pillow: To help promote lucid dreaming. 
Vivid Dreams Pillow: To inspire creative and vivid dreams. 
Reassuring Comfort Pillow: To ease change, like moving, or when travelling.
Healing and Balancing Pillow: Overall general healing properties 
Aphrodisiac Pillow: For stimulation in love, and romance.


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Dream Catchers
Handmade, Includes several Semi Precious Stones, and feathers.
Price: Between $35-$75
Depending on Size and Stones included.
Customized Products available.



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