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Dreams have always had a big role in my life. I remember as a child listening to my grandma and other family members discuss dreams and what they meant. It was the beginning of my spirituality. I have had the pleasure of being part of an amazing group online, where we discuss dreams and offer dream interpretations check it out here >> (Dream Codes) on line! 

Dream Pillows and Dream Catchers are custom orders but make great presents, so make sure to order in enough time for holidays and birthdays!

Hello, I am Tim Soaring Wolf

Dream Codes Magazine Issue 1.

My Animal Totems

Signs~A Dream Codes Magazine

Dream Codes Magazine Issue 2

Dream Codes Magazine Issue 3


So what is a dream pillow? It is actually just a normal pillow, but inside the pillow, there is a satchet/mojo bag filled with several herbs and oils that is anointed and blessed for whatever intent you would like to attain. 

The pillows themselves are hypoallergenic, and will have a custom pillowcase that you can wash (so you do not have to wash the whole pillow). Each pillow will have about 8 different herbs and oils custom made, with a smooth crystal stone included in the pillows. 

So Far I have 8 different Recipes, but if you have something that you would like to focus on that is not listed below, just let me know. Here are the different Recipes



Peaceful Sleep Pillow: To ease trouble with sleeping

Recalling to Remembrance Pillow: For helping to remember dreams, or recalling past lives in dreams.

NO to Nightmares Pillow: Good for children with nightmares

Lucid Dreams Pillow: To help promote lucid dreaming. 

Vivid Dreams Pillow: To inspire creative and vivid dreams. 

Reassuring Comfort Pillow: To ease change, like moving, or when travelling.

Healing and Balancing Pillow: Overall general healing properties 

Aphrodisiac Pillow: For stimulation in love, and romance.

Prices, colors and designs will all be discussed before work begins.  Payment is sent via paypal, to Please send me a message if you have questions or are interested! 

[Pictured here is the one that I made for my son (hence the Thor pillowcase, lol) and it's been over a year, and the pillow has still retained its scent. He would sleeps with it every night.  ]

Dream Codes Magazine

Asst Editor and Writer

For a while, I wrote for Signs~A Dream Codes Magazine and then Dream Codes Magazine.  While it was fun, it was a lot of work and was not a paid job.  However, it was still great to see a vision come together.  I had the enormous pleasure of working with several spiritual and gifted writers from around the world on Signs and I got to work with a great Editor, Leon Titus on both projects. A future literary work, called Dream Codes, is due to come out soon~ Written by Leon Titus and Tim McGovern.


Here are some free links to our Dream Codes Magazine. Simply CLICK on the link below to get to the issue. I would love to know what you think!  Feedback is always appreciated. 


Dream Codes Issue No. 1


Dream Codes Issue No. 2


Dream Codes Issue No. 3


Dream Codes Issue No. 4 



Much of my spiritual path begain with Dream Codes which is a Dream forum on Facebook.  Since dreams can touch on so many spiritual topics, it really has helped me to grow spiritually and help others to grow as well on their spiritual path.

If you would like to join, by all means CLICK on the lnk below. 


It is a dream forum. If you have a dream you would like interpreted, or if you can help interpret, feel free to post.

We also like discussing other spiritual things. Life after death, heaven and hell, ghosts, astrology and so on. So feel free to join in. Please check out the group guidelines though, to make sure it is for you. 



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