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Words From Our Clients

StarzPsychic Chely

Truly an Amazing Reader!

"Truly amazing reader! Absolute clarity and positive energy! definitely god sent!" 

Mia Poli

First Time?

Have had quite a few readings over time...
...but haven't ever had a Celtic Card reading or an Astrology Report before, and was surprised at how accurate they both were! So just wanted to say thanks for doing it. 

Natatlie Broome

Cindy Aidt Lloyd


You were spot on -- Thank you."



"Beyond special, gifted, accurate and amazing! "


Had a reading and it was amazing
full in depth and VERY detailed, helped me ALOT!
...reminded me of what i needed to know and gave me some confidence that i'm on the right track...
i've been to MANY readers and clairvoyants and i have to say thus far Ascending is in the top 3, hands down, no questions asked.


         Ashely C. Smith

Tim Soaring Wolf I finished my reading & I have to say that Tim connected all the dots once again,this is actually my 2nd. reading from Tim and,prior to these reading Tim initially read a family picture of mine and I was pretty amazed at his gift,his ability to connect & The length & preparation that Tim takes to do your reading astrology chart is very well worth it. My reading is exactly on point so thank you Tim!


         Gladys Guerrero

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing card and astrology reading you did for me! They were amazingly accurate and informative..


         Kameren Jade

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I'm late in posting this but thank you Tim for the reading you did for me a few weeks ago. You described me to the T and helped me sort out my strengths and weaknesses during a crossroads period of my life. It was very accurate. The things that confused me at the time of the reading made themselves clearer to me these past few weeks. Thank you again, Tim. Your time and skill is VERY much appreciated and I will be contacting you for another reading in the future. God Bless sweetheart.


Alisa Kirkwood

Thank you so much for the reading, it was truly amazing. It gave me so much insight and it's amazing how spot on you were. Truly a gift you have.
god bless ya! 


Robbie Casarez

Hi Tim thank you for the the astrology reading.
I really enjoyed it it so good to know all other aspects of your birth chart other then the just the sun sign. It gave me a much clearer insight to into other traits that didnt all correspond with just my sun sign. It really gives you the opportunity to look a little closer into yourself. I also learnt a few interesting things about astrology that I didnt have a clue about.
Thank you so much. X


Kerry Payne

Thanks for the past life reading. it was knowledgeable and puts some perspective into my life now. :-)


Patti Bowden

Finished reading my thorough astrology chart Tim Mcg made for was amazing and so on point that some things made me giggle lol. Definitely learned a lot & so much information. Would recommend to anyone who wants to know about their astrological sign and how the planets effect us. Thank you so much I loved it!! 


Mystic Tiger Goods

I had a animal reading done by Tim. And firstly I have to say wow! I am still in shock. The animal reading is different but at the same time similar to a normal reading, by using animal influences to guide you. Tim was very precise and gave a lot of information. Past present and future. Every single thing he mentioned or touched on makes so much sense and has given me some focus now as to where to go or look. If you are in doubt or confused or looking for some guidance I would give this a go. It really was eye opening for me, he is amazing guy and knows his way around the cards but also uses his own intuitive abilities to guide you. Thank you so much Tim xx


Priya Verma

Thank you, Tim Soaring Wolf, for an AMAZING Astrology/Celtic card reading! Your knowledge, insight and intuition are just incredible gifts. You really validated my personality, my strong and weak helped me to make sense of myself and where I am heading. I will certainly take all of your advice and run with it. You have given me so much inner have no idea! I am excited for my future!!


Jodi Lynn

Hey, I've just been going back through the report but wanted to say I am so impressed and actually, a little relieved. It was so odd reading things that actually fitted me, because to most people those traits kind of contradict and they don't understand it. There were so many things that are spot on, not even around the mark, but absolutely spot on. I sometimes wish there was a guide of what you should do and who you should be, but the report is like a justification of yourself - I am like that and that's ok. It did make me smile that after years of everybody guessing at what star sign I was, and not a single person getting it right, I now understand why!  I'm very grateful that you took some time from your busy schedule to do it. I'm so very impressed  thank you so much 


Michelle Davies

Awesome reading. You were right on target on everything you said. OMG what a great gift you have! Thanks again ((hugs))


Concha Ruiz

I just want to send a HUGE Thank you to Tim Soaring Wolf I ordered a birth chart and was by far blown away at the detail and information about my birth and the universe at that time.. To see how I have grown and how somethings are truly written in the stars for us all .. If you have not had your own birth chart done I would encourage that you do. .. 


U'i Hammons

Thank you SO MUCH for your awesome in-depth astrology report! Wow! I'm astonished by the accuracy and your attention to detail. You answered all my extra questions with kindness, patience and your passion for astrology really shines through your work. 


Johanne Bruhn

I had a celtic card reading today with Tim. I wanted to focus on my life path. The reading Tim gave me was amazing and very accurate with whats going on in my life at the moment. The cards represented different parts of my life beautifully. I also had a couple of totem animals confirmed to me. I really I have had some really good guidance within this reading and feel more confident with the path I am going down. I would recommend this spread to anyone wanting some guidance on their life path. 
Thank you much Tim 


Kerry Payne

Had a mini reading today and it was great. I got answers i kinda already knew but had my suspicions confirmed. they are questions i have asked other readers b4 and have gotten similar results. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it and will refer you to all :O) Thank you Tim.


Kylie Price, Author of Wings of Vengeance

I just got an astrology reading. I was laughing at several points because of how accurate it was, particularly the profession information which pinpointed several of my dreams from childhood.  It was a very thorough reading of about 13 pages, well worth the money..



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