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A trait that I share with my Spirit Animal the Wolf, is the trait of being a Teacher.

Learn the Influences of the Planets

Understand Birth Charts 

Learn how to work "with" the Universe


I check the planets like most people check the weather

channel.  People who pay attention to the weather

always seemed prepared with the right type of clothing,

such as umbrellas for rain, or shorts for warm weather.  In the same way, you can know what kind of influences to expect depending on the position of the planets.  

Have you ever woken up one day and just felt wonderful for no reason?  Or maybe the opposite... you were in a foul mood for no apparent reason all day and wondered why...  These could be influences of the planets that are affecting you.  When people do not know these external influences are present, many times they internalize them, and think they are coming from within.  By understanding the influences that are around you, you can learn to work WITH the universe instead of against it.

Astrology 101/102
Tutor: Tim Soaring Wolf


Upcoming classes:

Astrology 101
Recordings Available, no new classes scheduled yet, stay tuned!



Astrology 102

Recordings Available, no new classes sceduled yet, stay tuned!


Astrology 101 = $90

Astrology 102 = $120 (Comes with Certification)


Astrology 101 covers: 

• The 12 signs of the Zodiac (Western)
• Chinese Astrology (the 12 animals)
• Biblical view of the planets
• History of astrology
• Common myths about the new zodiac
• The Houses
• Sun and Moon signs
• Your Ascendant (Your Earth sign and rising sign)

• The Elements
The inner and outer planets

• Past Life Karmic Lessons

• Nodes, and MORE! 

Astrology 101 is a prerequisite for Astrology 102.  For more information, please send me a message via the Contact Form or leave me a message via my Social Media Platforms.

This class is 5 weeks, 1 day a week, about an hour and a half.

What does your birthchart say about you?

How can you interpret other people's chart?

Past life karmic lessons from the planets?

Influences around us every day

Astrology Testimonials

*OMG, this is such an eye opener, I wont lie and say I did not struggle at first, but Tim is a great tutor and he took time to explain stuff to me out of class. The class is very different from what I thought it would be, its well presented and no maths you want to know more about yourself, this is a must. Thanks Tim, and ill be along for Astrology 102...:) :)..xx ~michele dickison


I have always been interested in astrology, but never pursued it. I was a bit afraid of trying to learn it. I took the plunge and I am so glad that I did! This class has opened my eyes to so many aspects of my personality. It helped me see why things in me and around me are the way they are. It is much like a self-help class...but more. It helped me learn about myself, and others, when is an optimal time to do things, and when it is the worst time to do things. This is not just a course about the moon, the sun, and the planets. It helps you with relationships and everyday life. The work involved is manageable, and worthwhile. Tim helps you every step of the way. He is always willing and able to help with any question we had. His knowledge and expertise on the subject is amazing and invaluable. An extraordinary teacher and person. I recommend that everyone take this will not regret it.

~Christine Lender


Your a wonderful, very patient, & knowledgeable Astrologer! During class you got to know us as we got to know you. This year as retrograde is hear you became an absolute blessing for allowing us to understand retrograde by living it! I l love how now you are an Astrology doctor to us all! I've been sharing your public posts for others to read! I'm truly excited for Astrology 102 to start!! I'm happy I took this class! It's opened my eyes to so much understanding!! Thank you!!

~April Ashbrook Medium


Astrology 101 This course rocks! As does Tim! Do you check your daily horoscope? Wonder how they do that? Want to find out? If you're interested in doing this and learning about the planets, what they mean to you and how they affect your life, then this course and this man are for you. Don't feel you can't do it - you can. Tim is a wonderful, patient, clear teacher who is happy to guide you through the sometimes tricky parts. I can't recommend this course enough. I'm just about to start 102 and can't wait! June Noble


What a fantastic course Tim delivers the course in such a way that it had made learning to do a chart in a great way by breaking each part down I have tried many times to teach myself but with his teaching and guidance I have finally been able to understand it and have all the information sink in. Tim has made this topic enjoyable to learn with his guidance and approachable nature I would highly recommend this class to everyone who has an interest in astrology or wanted to know more on why they are the way they are Thank you so much Tim and HSI for providing the course.

~Mandi Price


I have tried to study astrology on my own for many years and kept running into walls of information that I just could not process. Tim's Astrology 101 class is designed in such a fashion that anyone can understand it. He has a way of presenting the information which helps you to not only learn about yourself but also to pick up the information easily and have it stick with you afterwards. I am so excited that I even signed up to take Astrology 102.I would highly recommend Tim's Astrology 101 to anyone who has any interest in learning how the astral bodies affect your very nature and influence your daily lives.

~Lisa Sexton





Dreams Testimonials



As a kid I would have night mares as I got older I didn't dream at all and told myself that it was because I had turned that part of me off because I was so afraid ..Now obviously I dream still have some night mares even.. When the Deciphering Dream Codes course was offered I wanted to take it .. What I didn't know is how it would change my world .. What Tim Mcg teaches in this class is like nothing I ever knew before every week was a new part of the puzzle to understanding your dreams .. and the family style classroom setting is the icing on the cake ..people from all walks of life all levels of education in one place as equals ... You will not find another Dream Class like this ... Now every night I look forward to dream land ... I recommend this class for everyone ... you will not regret it..

~U'i Hammons 


Since being very young i have been fascinated with dreams,so i decided to takeTim's Dream class,and wow i am so glad i did! The course has taught me so much more than i could possibly have imagined,i have thoroughly loved every minute of it and it has opened my eyes up further to the symbols that are constantly around.Our dreams are a very important part of our lives and to be able to understand what these dreams symbolise can give you a very different look on life and which paths you take! The subconscious really is an awesome thing to dig deep into,and by learning to understand what our dreams are showing us about waking life is super fulfilling! I would highly highly recommend this course to any who are interested!! 

~Lindsey Scott 

Deciphering Dream Codes


 We all have different spiritual abilities and ways of connecting to the Divine, but the one thing, we all have in common is we all DREAM. WE ALL have our inner psychics within us, whether or not you feel you have abilities. Through this course, I will teach you how to Unlock and decipher the hidden messages within your dreams, and learn how to also give interpretations for others.  Want to learn the hidden messages of your dreams?  


Tutor: Tim" Soaring Wolf" McGovern


Times and days - Recordings Available


This course is 5 weeks. 


Price $90

Deciphering Dream Codes Outline 


What can you expect to learn in this course? 

* What is a Dream? 

* The Subconscious 

* Body, Mind, Soul

* History of Dreams and Dream Interpretation

* Philosophical Principles of Dreaming 

* Dream Recall 

* Types of Dreaming 

* Planetary influences on Dreams 

* The Night-Mare, night terrors etc. 

* Sleeping Disorders and how they can affect your dreams 

* Common Symbols in Dreams 

* How to give a Dream Interpretation 

* and much more! 


This course is 5 weeks long, each class approximately an hour and a half, meeting online once a week on Saturdays.



Want a free dream interpretation?  Join our Dream Codes group on Facebook! 

Spirit Animal Guides Workshop

Recording Available 


2.5 hours long




Animals have been around on this planet as long as humans, if not longer. Not only do they support our ecosystem and help the circle of life to flow here on Earth. Animals can bring some wonderful messages to us to help guide us down our path. These animals can cross our path physically, or in a dream or a vision. This course will explore:

  • How to find your Spirit Animal Guide (or totem)

  • The different types of Totems

  • Animal messages and symbolism.

  • How to work with Animal Messages

  • A guided meditation at the end, courtesy of Priya McGovern.









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