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4 Thieves Vinegar


The legend of the 4 Thieves goes back to the early 1600's and is said to originate in Marseille or Toulouse, France.  During the days of the Black Plague, 4 men were able to successfully loot and steal from the dead and their abandoned homes.  When they were finally caught and threatened to be hanged, they were promised their freedom only if they shared the recipe.  To test the theory, they were ordered to shovel bodies of those that had died from the plague for one whole week, only using their concoction as a way of protection.  Some stories say one was an herbalist who came up with the recipe, others say the recipe was from their mother who was a healer and herbalist.  Regardless, this was said to be the only reason how they did not catch the plague and successfully stole from many dead families.  They would ingest it, inhale the fumes, and apply it to their hands and face.  As many variations of the legend that exist is about the number of different recipes that seem to be out there. 


My personal recipe combines about 4 different recipes I have found and from friends that have experience in working with 4 Thieves.  Cider, white, and red vinegar have all been recommended but I prefer organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  I put nineteen different herbs and spices that all have wonderful healing and antioxidant properties in the glass jar, then fill it with Apple Cider Vinegar.  This process takes about 4-6 weeks.  Every few days, I pray over it as I shake it up, adding energies of protection, cleansing, banishing evil, and promoting good health.  I also allow them to sit in the light of the full moon to channel energies from the full moon.  I  use food grade herbs, so that this can be ingested and offers amazing health benefits for any illness.


From a spiritual perspective, this is a great way to ground and protect.  This is especially true if you are surrounded with many scattered energies, like what happened to one person I know who was walking around the streets of New Orleans, and had trouble with managing the energy.  This person stumbled upon a spiritual shop and described what they were feeling.  The conjure woman at the shop disappeared to the back and came back with two shot glasses of 4 thieves vinegar.  The effects were amazing.  It goes down warm, and then in the pit of your stomach begins as a small ball of energy which grows and expands until there is a bubble of protection around you, ridding you of any negative energy and protecting you.  I encourage you to imagine this as well as you drink it.  It is perfectly acceptable to say a small prayer of protection over it then drink a small glass (like a shot).  I chase it with a spoonful of Honey to help with the taste and healing effects.  You may use whenever you want, once a day is good if you are struggling with anything personally or any kind of sickness.  Not taking the spiritual effects this has on someone, the health benefits alone are amazing, and a great boost to your immune system.  I hope it helps you as it has helped me and my family in the past with sickness and protection.  Many blessings to you.  ~Tim Soaring Wolf 

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